Price Discussion: (108/S-P) Zarude V Garigari-kun Promo

Published on 24 August 2020 at 19:28

We wanted to discuss the current market price of the Zarude V Garigari-kun promo since the price of this card has been going crazy lately in Japan. It has increased over 100% since it's launch this Summer.

Background Information


News article

Starting from June 1, 2020, a collaboration between Ice cream brand Garigari-kun and the upcoming Pokémon the Movie Coco is going on.

You can enter a lottery by buying these boxes of their 'Adult Garigari-kun Golden Pine(apple)' ice popsicles and see if you won or not on the popsicle stick. You can potentially win a Garigari-kun × Pokémon Card Game Crossover card.

There are no print numbers, end date and drop rate made available (yet). We don't know how many copies are floating around in Japan. Last month, there was a new wave of garigari-kun x pokemon card campaign ice cream boxes made available in stores again in late July after there were rumours the campaign ended. I haven't seen pictures recently of people in Japan buying tons of these boxes again on social media.

We can assume this is a rather limited card.


When buying the Zarude V promo, make sure to have the letter from garigari-kun included (see photo's).


The winning sticks were selling for around 13000-17000 yen in the beginning and the first promo's when being released were also selling for 15000-19000 yen on Japanese auction websites. 23 days ago, there was 1 card shop buying this card for 36000 yen. 

Price now as of August 24, 2020: It's selling for roughly between 40000-50000 yen on Japanese auction websites.

Future speculation

This card could be a very sought after card after the upcoming Pokémon the Movie Coco has been launched later this year. The only downside if that the artwork is still the same as the original version from S3a Legendary Heartbeat. We are curious at what price this promo will settle. All hard to get limited Japanese promo's have been exploded in price these last months.


We are curious if any more information about this card will release down the line, print numbers etc.

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