Ultra PRO Sword & Shield 3.5 Binders Revealed, Confirms Cards from S3a Legendary Heartbeat

Published on 11 July 2020 at 14:19

Our good friends over at Total Cards have revealed the upcoming Ultra PRO 4 pocket and 9 pocket binder images for Sword & Shield 3.5.


This Sword & Shield 3.5 set, including it's set name, has yet to be officially revealed, but we already got the pack artwork images now.


Gardevoir V / VMAX and Drednaw V / VMAX are removed from Darkness Ablaze, and Alcremie V / VMAX from S3a Legendary Heartbeat, will be included in Sword & Shield 3.5.


Will Galarian Obstagoon get a V / VMAX card that has yet to be revealed in Japan? Or could it just be the Holo Obstagoon from S3 Infinity Zone? We don't know yet. We can expect an official reveal very very soon!

MisterStolloss told us that the Dynamax / Gigantamax clouds are missing on the Obstagoon art, it really could just be the Holo Obstagoon from S3 Infinity Zone.


Sword & Shield 3.5 will release September 25, 2020.

Update: Added clean images.

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