Single Strike Master and Rapid Strike Master Trademarked, Could Possibly Mean a New Sword & Shield Dual Set

Published on 6 July 2020 at 23:58

Game Freak, Creatures Inc. and Nintendo have registered new trademarks that we will most likely see used in the future for a new set.


一撃マスター / Ichigeki masutā  / Single Strike Master 

連撃マスター / Rengeki masutā / Rapid Strike Master


This is referencing both of Urshifu's forms. It might very well be a dual set, the new December 2020 Set S5 that could be based off the Isle of Armor Expansion (Not confirmed but it's very likely).


It would make perfect sense, since a new sub generation (2nd year) of Sword & Shield will come (similar to Ultra Prism and Team Up). This set would be the main focus for our February 2020 set. 


Japanese Sword & Shield Base set came as a dual set too. S1H & S1W Sword & Shield. Time will tell what will happen with these trademarks. 



What do you think? Let us know!

Thank you abcboy101 for the information.

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