Ask Your Questions to Us About Pokémon TCG

Published on 26 June 2020 at 22:50

Last time in February, there was enough interest for a Q&A about Pokémon TCG. Let's do it again!


We want to interact with fans more and this is a good chance to interact with you. Please ask a question you have about Pokémon TCG! It can be anything you want to know.


You can submit your answer here below and we will do our best to answer the questions and publish them in an article next week!


Asking questions are closed now, you can't send in anymore! 

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3 months ago

Las últimas ediciones an tenido muy buenas y bonitas cartas en xy re editadas de base set y todo el primer segmento en sol y luna de neo y unas pocas de ruby y zafiro pero me gustaría que en escudo y espada ubira una cubierta como delta species o algo similar es algo que me encantaría ver nuevamente al igual que otros colegas del tcg

3 months ago

I want to know if the giratina lv70 from platinum that does 80 damage and says flip a coin if tails this attack does nothing if heads the defending pokemon is paralyzed. The does nothing part it means the attack will do 0 damage? Or does damage still apply but without paralyzing the defending pokemon?

Wael Megahed
a month ago

I have a question about EX cards: Can i just play my EX card without evolving it from something