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Published on 29 February 2020 at 18:50

We have recieved your questions this week and your questions about Pokémon TCG have been answered. Thank you everybody for submitting your questions. The questions will be answered by PokeGuardian Webmaster PrimalLugia.

Earthboundyacob,"What is your favourite art of an extremely underrated pokemon? "

That is a very difficult question, I think this Purugly card is one of my favourites, while it's a cat I think  it's not a much appreciated Pokémon, but I had to laugh at this card when I first saw this card. 

Hiero,"I'm not really informed about the pricing of the cards. What are the situations that make the price of cards went down (especially pokemon/trainer cards with full artwork)?"

In modern sets (after XY), most of the time, playability of cards makes a card expensive. The issue with modern sets, is that they are widely available and they are printed alot. So these cards are not as hard to find as older sets, and when these cards are not playable anymore, they drop very quickly in price.


Kayden,"If, after your stream match, which you won, has ended and the slip was signed, it is discovered that you committed a GPE-Severe (Game Loss), is the penalty still applied? Where? Last round, next round?"

Another difficult question. :-) Is this a Professor Program exam? Because I had to ask to other people what the answer was to this. Apparently the Penalty is applied on next round.


mac808yea,"What's the best way to find other collectors to chat with, trade, etc."

Social media platforms or collector forums like efour is one way to do that, attending Pokémon Leagues or bigger events is also a great way to chat and trade with people in person. 


Max,"When does VMAX rising release in English"

May 1, 2020 under the set name Sword & Shield Rebel Clash.

nefr,"How do TCGs, more importantly, the Pokemon TCG get balanced? I play a lot of online video games where on a 2-week basis they change, buff, or nerf things. Obviously you can't do that with a card game and it's something that has always interested me. Thanks! "

For other TCGs I don't know, but for Pokémon TCG, the company that creates these cards is Creatures Inc.

They have these cards tested internally by staff. If I remember correctly, I read somewhere in an article published with Creatures, these game testers can pick up and play with every card ever released and if they like to test out combinations and they can give their input if something is too good or not balanced well. 

I have found the article after searching, good luck!




TrashWhimsicott,"What is your favorite holographic pattern?"

Japanese Crystal cards, they have a cosmofoil holo pattern, with glitter surrounding the Pokémon. It looks nice.


JoakimHG,"Is the quick ball from the Diamond and Pearl era legal to play? "

Yes it got an errata.

Not Anonymous!,"Which collectors do you admire?"

I admire the collection of s_o_resistance. He has over 15000 Lugia cards in his collection and his collection is growing every day. I interviewed him before on PokeGuardian.


BlazeFoxSteve,"what is the new pokemon"

You mean Zarude? 


alihassan,"how are you pokemon fan ?"

I grew up with Pokémon when it first started airing in my country in 1999. It never faded away since then.


Teammagma,"Where do you see the Pokémon TCG heading in the future? Do you think that there will be any financial value in collecting and retaining newer sets?"

Good question. I don't think its going to be financially a wise thing to stock up on modern sets. It's a game for players first and availability is very important. It could maybe be a little worth it if they bring back 1st edition on sets, but make it actually very scarce. That could work and both players and collectors would probably be happy.

It's difficult to predict their moves for the future, I do think their current formula with very talented illustrators is going very well now. They have also seen the popularity of GX Ultra Shiny / Hidden Fates, it seems that everybody likes Shiny Pokémon and I think S3a Legend's Heartbeats will continue that trend. Shiny Celebi is featured in the new upcoming movie and I really think Amazing Rare Pokémon will be shiny cards.

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Alex vasquez
3 years ago

I have a 1st edition charzard how do I know if it's real

3 years ago

I have a misprint dark blastoise and want to know how much I can get for it

Delmer Doss
2 years ago

I have a Charizard V 019/189 in Italian writing and can't seem to find ANYTHING online with them.... it won't let me send any pictures on this page but you can get up with me in my email for pics..... The Charizard V is spelled just like that and everything below is in Italian. Just wondering just how rare this card is considering I can't find nothing about it. Thanks.