Galarian Slowbro V Revealed From the Darkness V Starter Deck

Published on 7 June 2020 at 02:53

Galarian Slowbro V has been revealed. This card will feature exclusively on the upcoming V Starter Decks that will release on July 10, 2020. Multiple shows have been teasing these V Pokémon so far in a quiz in which you need to guess which Pokémon V is coming for it's specific type. 


These decks will be promoted heavily, since the GX Starter decks were very popular. 


What do you think of the first Galarian Slowbro card? Let us know!


Our good friend ToineLay has partially translated this card too, thank you!

Galarian Slowbro V

Ability : Quick Draw Poison
Once during your turn, if this Pokémon is your Active, you may leave your opponent’s Active Pokémon Poisoned.

[D][D][C] Stranding Shot 1??
During your opponent’s next turn the defending Pokémon ??? (Hidden)

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4 years ago

3rd number is 0 *hint*