Pokémon TCG Battle Academy Officially Revealed

Published on 1 June 2020 at 16:12

The Pokémon Company International has officially revealed the earlier mentioned Battle Academy.

This product is from the Japanese Family Pokémon Card Game box. It will launch worldwide on July 31, 2020. Target (USA) stores will have them available 1 month early on June 21, 2020, according to the mini site.


TPCi explains more about this product:

“Battle Academy is designed to be easy to learn and fun to play for all types of Trainers, including children and parents that may be new to the Pokémon TCG,” said J.C. Smith, senior director of consumer marketing at The Pokémon Company International. “Pokémon has a unique ability to bring people together, and we look forward to seeing families enjoy Battle Academy at their next game night, as parents bond with their kids over one of their favourite entertainment brands and collectible Pokémon TCG cards.”

So far, there is really nothing special about this product for collectors or competitive players.

It's really meant for casual Pokémon fans to introduce them to the Pokémon TCG. It features 3 vanilla decks with vanilla GX cards (except for Mewtwo GX) from Hidden Fates (the cards originally came from the Family Pokémon Card Game box) paired with a board-game like style packaging. It's more designed to appeal to people who play board games but not TCG's. 

They have mentioned on the mini site "The high-quality game board makes setup easy.", so we can expect a high quality game board, instead of a paper playmat.


What do you think of this product? Will you get one yourself? It's a very interesting product for the mainstream.

Product description:

Each Battle Academy box comes with a two-player game board, three 60-card decks, tutorial guides, and gameplay accessories. It also comes with a code card that allows Trainers to enjoy the Pokémon TCG digitally through the free-to-play Pokémon Trading Card Game Online app on iOS and Android, as well as on Pokemon.com.

Our previous product contents list:

• 1 playmat
• 3 60-card decks
• 3 deck boxes (paper)
• 2 quick guides
• 1 rule book
• 1 oversized coin
• 1 Set of Damage Counters and GX Markers
• 1 Pokémon Trading Card Game Online code

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Nathan Kaiser
4 years ago

so just reprinted cards right? nothing about them is unique? im a collector but i dont have much Hidden fates cards or promos based on it.

PokeGuardian (Webmaster)
4 years ago

It looks like it will be based off the Japanese version, which ended up in Hidden Fates. Don't expect alot from this product.