S3 Infinity Zone Eternatus Challenge Campaign Contents Revealed

Published on 27 May 2020 at 20:47

The contents of the special pre-order bonus version of S3 Infinity Zone Eternatus Challenge Campaign have been revealed. We have covered it before but the contents were unknown.

When you pre-order 1 box of S3 Infinity Zone at big retailers in Japan, you will recieve an exclusive card storage box & promo card pack as a bonus.


This promo pack includes special Infinity Zone logo stamped promo's of the upcoming Infinity Zone cards. These are Hoopa, Galarian Obstagoon, Eternatus V, Eternatus VMAX, and a Darkness Energy. Eternatus V and VMAX contain different artwork. These would probably release internationally as a Box or Tin promo. 


From what it seems, you get 1 random promo out of 5 different promo's in the promo pack. 

Update 29-5-2020: Added official images of the promo cards.

Thank you to kamui_kyoshiro

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