Rebel Clash Full Digital Set List + Promo Cards Revealed

Published on 23 April 2020 at 19:28

The full digital card images have been revealed for the Sword & Shield Rebel Clash set.

We have also added some upcoming promo cards. You can see for example the full images in English of the upcoming Zacian V and Zamazenta V promo cards coming in the Legend of Galar Tins.

Also we have a full image of Polteageist V from the Polteageist V Box and Copperajah V from the Copperajah V Box.

There is also an Sun & Moon Aipom promo, we have no clue from what product this card came from. It originally came from the Japanese Pokémon Card Gym set as promo 387/SM-P.


Lastly Flapple and Caolossal are the new League Promo's for Rebel Clash Season 1 and 2. The 3rd Season League Promo is currently unknown. How these Pokémon League promo's will be distributed and if they ever will be released in the first place via Organized Play, is unknown.

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