Rebel Clash Promotional Video Reveals Many Cards in English Language

Published on 14 April 2020 at 22:13

In this promotional video of the upcoming Rebel Clash set, many cards have been revealed in English language, including Boss's Orders and Oleana Full Art cards. Also Full Art cards of Sandaconda V, Inteleon V, Ninetales V and Cinderace V can be seen. 


Other shown cards are:

  • Toxtricity V, Boltund V, Dubwool V, Dragapult V, Eiscue V, Falinks V, Eldegoss V
  • Tool Scrapper, Capture Energy, Scoop Up Net, Twin Energy
  • Malamar VMAX, Dragapault VMAX, Copperajah VMAX, Toxtricity VMAX, Rillaboom VMAX, Cinderace VMAX, Inteleon VMAX

We can also see very briefly Skyla, Horror Energy, Speed Energy, Full Heal, Capacious Bucket and Galar Mine. 


The set will release soon on May 1 and secret rares of the cards will be revealed this week when the Rebel Clash Prerelease kits have been distributed. 


You can watch the video down below.

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