Shibuya Pikachu Pokemon Center Promo to be given out at Pokemon Center Stores in Japan

Published on 25 October 2019 at 07:28

Pokemon Center Shibuya is opening on Friday November 22, 2019. As a opening celebration, Pokemon Center stores in Japan nationwide will hand out this Shibuya themed Pikachu Pokemon Center stamped promo card.

This is the first Pokemon Center promo for the Sword & Shield TCG era, it's no longer a Sun & Moon promo. 


The artwork has been done by Japanese Graffiti artist Number-D. I wonder if he only did the Graffiti art or the full artwork (Pikachu) since the illustrator section is blank on the card.

While supplies last. A maximum number of gifts hasn't been stated. 

There are also real leather Deck Boxes decorated with Swarovski® crystals coming exclusive to Pokemon Center Shibuya.

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