Pokémon TCG News Weekly Roundup - Week 40 - 2019

Published on 6 October 2019 at 19:51

Missed Pokémon TCG news? In a hurry? Here is the Weekly roundup of all the Pokémon TCG news that is published each week. I will give a small summary of each day and include hyperlinks to read the articles in full detail if you want to.

Wednesday was a big day for TCG news, that day revealed the Tag All Stars SR cards. 


No news.


SM11b Dream League revealed for Pokémon TCG Korea

Release date: 2019-10-11


SM12a Tag All Stars all SR/HR/UR cards

SM12a Tag All Stars SR/HR and UR cards were revealed.

There are 7 Gold Card Tag Team GX cards confirmed, one of those is a Reshiram & Charizard GX Gold Card. Also a male version of Welder SR has been revealed. There are 53 total secret rare cards in Tag All Stars.

SM12 Cosmic Eclipse Artwork

Our good friends over at PidgiWiki have managed to obtain high resolution (5000x6000!) versions today of the SM12 Comic Eclipse artwork. 

Pokémon TCG McDonald's Collection 2019 Promo Cards revealed

McDonald's earlier teased the next Happy Meal for October 2019, and now we have seen the upcoming promo cards (including Pikachu and Eevee) for the Pokémon TCG McDonald's Collection 2019.


SM12a Tag All Stars Confirmed to Contain "God Packs" with 10 SR Cards in 1 Pack

You can get God Packs in SM12a Tag All Stars, 1 pack per 200/250 packs. This is a real thing. 10 SR cards in 1 pack. 

Pokémon TCG Knock Out Collection Revealed

A new Knock Out collection has been revealed. Includes 3 packs and cosmofoil versions of Lost Thunder Meganium and Typhlosion as the promo.


Opened: Battle Arena Decks: Ultra Necrozma GX

On Friday this product has been released and I have opened the Ultra Necrozma GX version of the Battle Arena Decks Rayquaza GX vs Ultra Necrozma GX



No news.


New Lillie Full Art Promo Card Has Sold in Japan for $1400

The new Lillie 397/SM-P promo that was announced 2 weeks ago, is selling in Japan around the price of $935 - $1400.

That was it for this week, thank you for reading! Come back next week!

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