Pokémon TCG Knock Out Collection Revealed

Published on 3 October 2019 at 13:08

A new Knock Out collection has been revealed. Includes 3 packs including Steam Siege, Fates Collide and 1 Sun & Moon pack. Not confirmed if this is Sun & Moon Base or a random Sun & Moon pack, but expect this to be a way for them to dump unwanted packs.

These also feature cosmofoil versions of Lost Thunder Meganium and Typhlosion as the promo.

Product Description

A Knock Out Deal!

A great foil Pokémon card – mighty Meganium or fiery Typhlosion – makes this Knock Out Collection a treasure for all Pokémon fans and collectors! Powerful Pokémon are just the thing for Trainers ready to expand their collection and improve their battling skills!

The Pokemon TCG: Knock Out Collection includes:

  • Randomly packed 3 x Assorted Pokémon Trading Card Game Booster packs (Steam Siege, Fates Collide Sun & Moon)
  • 1 specially chosen Foil card

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5 years ago

Those cosmofoil cards are quite cool, but that booster pack selection is so terrible.

5 years ago

One box had Steam Siege, Fates Collide, base Sun & Moon.
Other box had three Steam Siege. Rough.

No code card for the Meganium and Typhlosion.

RIght now seems to be an Australian exclusive.

4 years ago

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