Jirachi GX and Naganadel GX revealed from SM11 Unified Minds

Published on 19 June 2019 at 19:43

Jirachi GX and Naganadel GX  (Dragon Type) were revealed today in English language on pokemon.com as new cards for the upcoming August set Unified Minds. These are the first regular GX cards to be revealed for Unified Minds. The Tag Team GX cards were earlier revealed aswell.  

There will be 9 regular GX cards in this set. This could be the list;

2 are confirmed now of these potential GX cards that consist of the earlier sets released in Japan:


  • Heatran-GX
  • Mawile-GX
  • Keldeo-GX
  • Naganadel-GX - Confirmed
  • Latios-GX
  • Aerodactyl-GX
  • Dragonite-GX
  • Jirachi-GX - Confirmed
  • Weavile-GX

What do you think of these cards? What GX are you the most excited for in Unified Minds? Let me know!!

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