Review: Pokémon Card Game Type Variation Deck Box

Published on 8 June 2019 at 17:44

These Pokémon Center Type variation deck boxes were released 2 weeks ago on May 25, 2019. They feature all but one of the type variations, with the Colorless type excluded. You can purchase all type deck boxes from the Pokémon TCG store or affiliated stores across Japan.

These deck boxes are not your usual hard, thin plastic deck boxes that you can obtain around Europe and the West. They feature an air of sophistication to them, stylishly padded with a foam-like material and a soft plastic interior. Personally, everything just looks beautiful! If you’re into sorting your decks into colour coded boxes, these are the deck boxes for you, with a Fairy-type box to house your Fairy deck, or if Charizard GX is your go-to card, there’s a Fire-type deck waiting for you.


These deck boxes do feature stunning designs and high-quality materials, but will they protect your cards? After all, that is what they are made for!

Upon asking around, some players found the magnet that closes the lid was very weak. I set out to test this finding below in a video review:


Overall, these deck boxes look fantastic and a lot of players will love the simplicity of the box design – subtle, yet powerful. However, I don't know how this deck box will hold up in day-to-day use, which such a weak magnet keeping your cards safe, it’s only a matter of time under the magnet fails to keep your deck in order. In the most part, it's very disappointing. The price is good for what you get, considering its’ design and the materials used and for $10, it seems worth it aesthetically. The major downside has to be the magnet, which will heavily impact how the buyer will perceive this item. 

Final score

Design 8.5/10
Build quality 6/10
Wow factor 8/10
Price 9/10
Final score 7,9/10


Here’s a follow up video that may alleviate the magnet issue. I can appreciate that it’s not a long-term solution, but more of a work-around. I hope this helps!  

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