First Entry Campaign Revealed with Noctowl and Buddy-Buddy Poffin GYM Promos

Published on 5 July 2024 at 08:14

A new Noctowl and Buddy-Buddy Poffin promo has been revealed for Pokemon Card Gym stores. This is part of their 'First Entry Campaign'.


You can obtain this Noctowl 173/SV-P and Buddy-Buddy Poffin 150/SV-P promo card if you attend Pokemon Card Gym events.


In order to get this card, you need to show up 3 times for at the Pokemon Card Gym and get prizes according to the amount of times you visited. The first time you get a stamp card (to stamp off your attendence), the second time you get Buddy-Buddy Poffin, and the third time you obtain the Noctowl promo.


The period to obtain this stuff is July 19 to September 30, 2024.


This Noctowl promo is not a new card, it's a stamped promo version of the card in Stella Miracle.

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