Pokemon China Gets New Exclusive Artwork of 'Pokemon GO' Cards for Brave Enchanting Stars Set

Published on 13 June 2024 at 12:58

New Art!

Pokemon China has previously introduced exclusive Pokémon cards, such as the notable Venusaur VMAX HR and Blastoise VMAX HR.


Now, they are quickly going through all the past sets of the Pokemon GO set needs to be mechanically included, but given that Pokémon GO is not available in China, they have found a way to creatively release some of the cards originally from the Pokémon GO set with new, exclusive artwork.

These cards with new alternative artwork, do not feature the typical GO branding but showcase completely original artwork that are never seen before in the Pokémon TCG. Additionally, this initiative includes newly commissioned artwork for Radiant Venusaur and Radiant Eevee. This development makes it very interesting for both international collectors and collectors in China. Will we ever get this artwork in the future outside of China? Who knows, but I would not count on that.


Thank you pokecardex for informing us.

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