Video: Exciting New Art and Strong Cards! - Scarlet & Violet - Temporal Forces Quick Overview

Published on 12 April 2024 at 19:30

A very impactful set!

Temporal Forces has been available for a few weeks now, and we're excited to give you a quick overview if you're still on the fence about it! The Pokémon Company International kindly provided us with some booster packs to showcase.

Whether you're a player looking for powerful cards or an art enthusiast, there's something for everyone. Notably, Temporal Forces features contributions from 21 brand new illustrators, marking the highest number of artists introduced in any new set.

Check out the video here!

If you wish to check the full set list with images, you can check Scarlet & Violet - Temporal Forces set list page here:

Scarlet & Violet - Temporal Forces

Disclaimer: The booster packs featured in this video were provided by The Pokémon Company International as a gift. Please note that The Pokémon Company International did not have any editorial influence over or preview the content of this video. No financial compensation was received for the production of this video. All opinions and content are our own and were created without any restrictions from external parties.

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