Garchomp ex Paradox Rift Store Oversize Promo Card Spotted

Published on 9 March 2024 at 15:04

big garchomp

There is a card promotion going on of Garchomp ex from Paradox Rift.


This is an oversized promo card of Garchomp ex with a set stamp of the Scarlet & Violet - Paradox Rift set.


A members of the French Pokécardex forum have spotted the French version first at Smythstoys France (this promotion was officially available around December 10, 2023 there). Now PokeGuardian Podcast Host TCG Taj spotted an official promotion at GAME UK stores on their website. This may indicate it might come later at different stores in different countries at some point too.


When we have more information about other regions/countries having this promotion, we will of course actively update this article. In the meantime, if you know more, please let us know.


Confirmed for Smythstoys France, promotion may be already over.


Spend £20.00 on selected Pokemon Trading Card Game products online or in-store.

Promotion Period: 00:01 on 08/03/2024 until 23:59 on 21/03/2024

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