Pokemon TCG: Stacking Tin (Q1 2024) Revealed

Published on 14 December 2023 at 19:06

New types!

A third wave of the Stacking Tin has been revealed. Now it's Psychic, Metal or Dragon type.

These stackable tins come with 3 booster packs and 1 coin.


Releases on March 1, 2024 and MSRP is $14.99 USD (2 dollar increase from the previous iteration)

Stack 'Em High!

Choose a tin that matches your type: serene Psychic type, steely Metal type, or draconic Dragon type! This handy Pokémon TCG: Stacking Tin stacks neatly with others and contains:

3 Pokémon TCG booster packs
• 2 Pokémon sticker sheets

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