Iron Moth & Slither Wing Store Promos Revealed

Published on 3 November 2023 at 17:14

Iron Moth & Slither Wing from Paradox Rift will be a store promo for GameStop USA & Canada, BestBuy USA & EB Games for Australia & New Zealand.


The previous Gamestop & BestBuy stamped promo was Umbreon & Espeon.

According to TPCi: A gift will be available with any Pokémon TCG purchase of $15 or more. Trainers will receive a special Iron Moth promo card from GameStop in the U.S. and Canada, as well as from EB Games in Australia and New Zealand — or a special Slither Wing promo card from Best Buy in the U.S. The promo cards will be available starting today, while supplies last.


Please make sure to contact your local participating store for more information.


This promotion starts today from November 3, of course while supplies last.


If a European store promotion is coming, we do not know. There is no information regarding this for now.

Update 2-2-2024: Dutch store Toychamp is holding this promotion too, it features the Paradox Rift logo as the stamp on the card. You get 1 for free when spending €25 euros on Pokemon Trading Card game products. Unsure if more countries get this promo soon. If you know more, let us please know.

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Salvatore Sottosanti
8 months ago

Hello, May I know where you got the information about the promo cards of Iron Moth and Slither Wing with the EB Games stamp for Australia?
I read it in one of your articles