High Class Pack Shiny Treasure ex Officially Revealed, Shiny Pokemon Cards Return

Published on 20 October 2023 at 17:36

Shiny hunt again!

The upcoming Japanese High Class Pack set, SV4a Scarlet & Violet Shiny Treasure, has been officially revealed on the official Japanese Pokemon Card Game YouTube channel.


Similar to most High Class Pack sets, this particular High Class Pack set includes numerous newly reprinted cards featuring new artwork.

Shiny Pokemon cards also return. Every booster pack guarantees 1 ex card.

Pokémon Card Game Scarlet & Violet High Class Pack Shiny Treasure ex 

ポケモンカードゲーム スカーレット&バイオレット ハイクラスパック シャイニートレジャーex

  • 190 cards included + ??? (SR cards or better)
  • This set will release on December 1, 2023
  • 1 Booster Box costs 5500 yen (tax included)
  • 1 Booster Box includes:

    • 10 packs
    • 1 pack includes 10 cards

The SSR and S rarity, initially introduced in the Japanese High Class Pack GX Ultra Shiny in 2018 and subsequently featured in High Class Pack Shiny Star V, has made a return in this set.


Notably, Charizard ex SSR, Meowscarada ex SSR, Skeledirge ex SSR, and Quaquaval ex SSR have been unveiled as shiny ex cards. Additionally, regular shiny Pokemon with the 'S' rarity of Sprigatito, Floragato, Fuecoco, Crocalor, Quaxly & Quaxwell have also been shown off too. In the trailer, you can also see shiny 'S' cards of Ralts, Charmander, Baxcalibur, Greavard, Houndstone, and Paldean Wooper.


Lastly among the many reprints, a new Supporter card named Clive got revealed.


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Card translations comes again from ToineLay, thank you!



Your opponent reveals their hand. Draw 2 cards for each Supporter card you find there.

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