Paradox Pokemon and Paradox Rift Set Revealed for Fall 2024 Release Featuring Ancient / Future Mechanic, Teaser of Ace Spec Cards Return in 2024

Published on 13 August 2023 at 10:25

More Paradox Pokemon!

At the end of the Pokemon World Championships 2023, in the closing ceremony, a new trailer showed us new cards and a TCG mechanic for the Pokemon Trading Card Game.


They introduced new Paradox Pokemon cards. These cards will be in the upcoming international Paradox Rift set in November and the Japanese Dual Set named Scarlet & Violet Ancient Roar and Future Flash, will arrive later this year in October.

These cards come with a new Ancient or Future Mechanic, which might be similar to how Rapid Strike & Single Strike cards function on which specific Future or Ancient labeled cards work with other Ancient / Future cards.

Additionally, they unveiled Iron Valiant ex and Roaring Moon ex. These two will be the main cards featured on the covers of Ancient Roar / Future Flash and the worldwide set Paradox Rift.

There are also regular Pokemon cards revealed with the Ancient / Future mechanic, like Scream Tail, Brute Bonnet, Iron Bundle, and Iron Moth. Out of these, they've shown us Art Rare (Illustration Rare) versions of Brute Bonnet and Iron Moth.

In 2024, the Scarlet & Violet Trading Card Game brings back ACE SPECcards, which were last seen in the Black & White card series.


ACE SPEC cards possess significant power, but come with a limitation. In the original Black & White series, ACE SPEC cards adhere to a rule that restricts your deck to containing only one ACE SPEC card.

Computer Search Ace Spec from Black & White—Boundaries Crossed. 

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