Pokemon Worlds 2023 Coverage: Live Updates

Published on 11 August 2023 at 00:50

It's that time of the year again! But now held in Japan!

Today, we'll be providing potential updates on the Pokemon TCG announcements / news presented in the Opening Ceremony livestream of the Pokemon World Championships 2023 Yokohama.


This article will be updated live based on the information unveiled during the Worlds 2023 livestreams. Stay tuned for further updates as the livestream progresses and be sure to connect with us on social media for the latest news.

Day 1

01:59 AM: The Pokemon Center website showed off an image early of the Paradox Rift Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box. The set has yet to be officially revealed.

02:09 AM: The Japanese Pokemon Card Game channel will reveal the latest Pokemon Card Game information at 13:30 JST later today. This should be news apart from the official opening ceremony that is going on now. We speculate it may be Raging Surf related. Look forward to it later today, follow our social media to not miss this.


02:15 AM: News regarding Pokemon will be shown off at the Closing Ceremony on Sunday, Mr. Ishihara said during the Opening Ceremony.


06:23 AM: While watching the 2023 Pokémon World Championships TCG livestream, you can get a special code for Pokémon TCG Live. This code lets you receive a rare Charizard ex card from the Obsidian Flames set. Just use the code "CelebrateWCS23". There are 100,000 codes available, but you can only use one per account. Make sure to use the code before August 21, 2023.

06:34 AM: Raging Surf is being currently revealed for Japan, check out our dedicated Raging Surf page for all the revealed cards and set information!

11:34 AM: Close-up photos of the No. 1 Trainer, No. 2 Trainer & No. 3 Trainer (Trophy) cards for Pokemon World Championships 2023. Photo courtesy of our friends from @PlaySkapeGames. thank you!

11:37 AM: We have added photos of the decklists being displayed in both Japanese and English of the Pokemon Card Game Classic. The Blastoise & Suicune deck features Mr. Mime from the Japanese exclusive Vending Machine Series 1 set, now available in English language.

Photo courtesy of PokeGuardian Staff Member immewnity.

Day 2

12:11 PM: Bombirdier ex, Yveltal and Gorgeous Cloak from SV3a Raging Surf is about to be revealed later during the Japanese 2023 World Championships TCG Livestream. Check out our dedicated Raging Surf page for all the revealed cards and set information!

12:29 PM: Starter Set Terastal Mewtwo ex and Starter Set Terastal Skeledirge ex have been revealed, read more about it here

12:42 PM: A Pikachu Promo for Japan has been Revealed as Part of a Gift Campaign. To be given out during September 2023 and February 2024 at various Pokemon Card Gym Events in Japan. Read more about it here.

15:51 PM: Tord Reklev has qualified as a Finalist in the TCG Masters Division.

16:56 PM: Vance Kelley will join Tord Reklev in the Finals of the TCG Masters Division tomorrow. The winner will be World Champion.

Finals Day (3)

07:10 AM:

  • Vance Kelley (United States) is the 2023 Pokémon TCG Masters Division World Champion with Mew VMAX.
  • Gabriel Fernandez (Brazil) is the 2023 Pokémon TCG Seniors Division World Champion with Lugia VSTAR.
  • Shao Tong Yen (Taiwan) is the 2023 Pokémon TCG Juniors Division World Champion with Lost Zone Box.

07:26 AM: The Pokemon World Championships 2023 Closing Ceremony is scheduled to take place at 17:30 JST according to the time schedule for Day 3. (The time can change depending on how the tournament plays out).

09:45 AM: The Pokemon World Championships 2023 Closing Ceremony is about to start in less than 15 minutes.

10:13 AM: More Paradox Pokemon have been revealed with the Future or Ancient mechanic. More info here.

10:22 AM: 2024 Pokemon World Championships will be held in Honolulu, Hawaii

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