Detective Pikachu Returns 'Detective Pikachu' Promo Early Purchase Bonus

Published on 8 August 2023 at 16:46

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Japan will give out a special Detective Pikachu Pokemon Card Game promo card as an early purchase bonus for the physical versions of the upcoming Detective Pikachu Returns videogame.


This card shows off Detective Pikachu and Growlithe with a stamp of the videogame logo.


You will get 1 promo card if you purchase the Detective Pikachu Returns videogame, this promotion does not apply for the online version. Even after the videogame releases, you will still be able to get it.

Additionally, in Japan, if you pre-order at certain stores, you will get original products with the videogame. Some of them are TCG merchandise. 

Item case

(not confirmed if this is official TCG merchandise, but it should fit damage counters?)

Seven net shopping

Original mini deck box

BicCamera group

acrylic photo stand

(not confirmed if this fits Pokemon cards or is similar to the pokemon card frame).

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