Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak Trademark 'Ancient Roar', 'Shiny Treasure', and 'Flash of the Future'

Published on 1 March 2023 at 18:35

Triple Threat!

Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak have registered the following new trademarks:


  • Ancient Roar / Kodai no hōkō /  古代の咆哮
  • Flash of the Future / Mirai no issen / 未来の一閃
  • Shiny Treasure / Shainītorejā / シャイニートレジャー


Falls under Class 28 - Games, toys and playthings, where the TCG also falls under.


What could it be for?


Pretty sure it's about Scarlet & Violet TCG.

We think Shiny Treasure could be a new shiny set like Shiny Star V from 2020, this could be the high class pack set of 2023.

Ancient Roar could refer to the Paradox Pokemon Walking Wake or maybe Roaring Moon from the Scarlet videogame. 

Flash of the Future could refer to the Paradox Pokemon Iron Leaves or maybe Iron Valiant from the Violet videogame.


When we know more. We will provide a new article.

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Jared Miclea
a year ago

Shiny Treasure might be a Neo Destiny throwback set like Shining Legends!