Raging Surf Has Been Trademarked by Nintendo, Creatures and Game Freak

Published on 27 December 2022 at 17:44


Nintendo, Creatures, and Game Freak have registered the following new trademark:


  • Raging Surf / レイジングサーフ / Reijingusāfu


Falls under Class 28 - Games, toys and playthings, where the TCG also falls under.


What could it be for? Pretty sure it's about Scarlet & Violet TCG, sadly we dont know more yet. Maybe Dondozo ex?


We already know Gyarados ex (Tera Type) is likely coming in Scarlet Violet Base set. It would likely release somewhere after the April Dual Set Scarlet & Violet Expansion Pack Snow Hazard / Scarlet & Violet Expansion Pack Clay Burst.


When we know more. We will provide a new article.

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