The Pokémon Company is releasing Pokémon TCG for China

Published on 28 September 2022 at 15:12

Pokemon cards coming for a big market

The Pokémon Company is launching the Pokémon Trading Card Game for China. Three sets are releasing and appear to be a combination of sets from the first 2 years of the Sun & Moon TCG.

The first 3 sets will release on October 28, 2022.

The cards are printed in Simplified Chinese. This is not the same as the Chinese cards produced for Hong Kong and Taiwan. The Chinese language cards used in Hong Kong and Taiwan are Traditional Chinese.

It is unknown whether these specific cards are going to be printed in the Japan factory. Thai, Indonesian, and Traditional Chinese cards are printed in Japan in the same factory as Japanese cards.


There are 5-card booster packs and 25-card booster packs in the sets. A holo should be guaranteed in the 5 pack box. The 5-card pack is 10 yuan, and the 25-card pack is 50 yuan. It appears that a booster box with 5 card packs costs 300 yuan and a booster box with 25 card packs costs 1200 yuan. 1 booster box of the 5-card packs have 30 booster packs. 1 booster box of the 25-card packs, have 24 booster packs.


Also the pack includes 1 random foil card, includes a foil pattern unique to the Simplified Chinese version.


Lastly the Simplifed Chinese version makes use of a unique printing technique. A distinctive concave-convex method was used to create the Pokémon logo on the lower left of each foil card. This particular design is exclusive to the simplified Chinese edition of real Pokémon cards.

The GX Starter Deck includes a special booster. This costs 40 yuan.

What do you think of Simplified Chinese language Pokémon cards? This makes 12 languages to collect now! 


We are updating this article as much as possible with information, so please come back for additional information.

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