(Paradigm Trigger) Mystery Box Officially Revealed

Published on 18 September 2022 at 08:16

What a mystery!

Update: Product officially revealed, more info soon

Update 30-09-2022: The first Deck Box & Deck Sleeve our of 4 designs have been revealed. It's Regieleki & Regidraco design.

Update 18-10-2022: The official pokemon card game youtube channel unboxed the mystery box, showcased the Alternative Art Lugia V promo + merchandise on the back of the box, and showed off Unown V with Alternative Art.

Update 21-10-2022: Added images of the promos.

Previous story

More information about upcoming products. We've seen the sell sheets in person this time, and we can confirm the first details of two new items. All of these items will be available at Pokemon Card Gym Stores (Pokemon League Store equivalent). Official product images are not yet available; they will be published later this year.


Mystery Box

The first product, Mystery Box, will be released on October 21, 2022, at a cost of 2750 yen (tax included). It will be released on the same day as the Paradigm Trigger set. This information confirms the Paradigm Trigger set.


This Mystery box comes with a promo pack that contains one of four guaranteed V cards, with Lugia V confirmed as one of the four promos. A random 1 out of 4 deck box and deck sleeves are also included in the Mystery box. Finally, it comes with 7 packs of Paradigm Trigger.


Product Description:

Products that provide a sense of excitement

The deck boxes and deck sleeves in this set are randomly selected from one of the four types, so you don't know what you're getting at the time of purchase. Each deck box and deck sleeves has a Lugia or similar design. This allows the user to experience the joy of not knowing what they will get.


Pokémon V. Includes a promo pack to ensure you get Pokémon V.

The promo pack included in the set contains a guaranteed copy of Pokémon V. Users can quickly strengthen their arsenal. A total of four types of cards are included, including Lugia V. Here, too, users can experience the fun of not knowing what they'll get.


Mystery Box

1x Deck Box

1x Deck Sleeves (64)

1x Promo card

1x Card box

7 packs of Expansion pack "Paradigm Trigger" 

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