Japanese Scarlet / Violet Pikachu Early Purchase Bonus Promo Revealed, Fuecoco, Quaxly & Sprigatito Included

Published on 7 September 2022 at 15:16

Japan will give out a special Pikachu Pokemon Card Game promo card as an early purchase bonus for the physical versions of the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet / Violet videogames.


The special Pikachu card, which will be a full art card, will also show off the first three partner pokemon, Fuecoco, Quaxly & Sprigatito. Images of the promo card will be revealed at a later date.


Update September 7, 2022: The first Scarlet & Violet Promo card has been revealed. Has no promo numbering, this may likely change in the future. The site mentioned that the "images are under development. Colour and design may differ from the actual card."

Additionally, in Japan, if you pre-order at Yodobashi Camera or Furu1 stores. You will get a Scarlet / Violet Deck Box.

Yodobashi Camera:


Bic Camera:

Bic Camera will give out an reversible acrylic photo stand. This acrylic photo stand perfectly displays the Pokémon cards that are an early purchase bonus. (We think it's looks compatible with the pokemon card game card frame displays).

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