PokeGuardian Podcast #26 - Time Gazer / Space Juggler, Astral Radiance, Lost Abyss Giratina Set?

Published on 6 March 2022 at 20:00
PokeGuardian Podcast #25 - Brilliant Stars Set List, Battle Region Set List, Pokemon GO TCG Set

Welcome to the PokeGuardian Podcast. This is the 26th episode.

The hosts of the show will be Taj from PokéTaj, Zakariya (PrimalLugia), the webmaster of PokeGuardian.


Dialga? Palkia? We will talk all about their Origin Formes in the upcoming set Time Gazer and Space Juggler. Our English equivalent has seen a partial reveal too with Astral Radiance. Let's talk all about it.

And in this episode we have a returning guest all the way from England on our episode: Ryan from Braysh Gaming and co-owner of Kādo Collectables. 


If you would like to say hello to Ryan or want to visit his channel Braysh Gaming or the store Kādo Collectables along with their social media accounts here:

00:00 - Intro

00:35 - Card Pickups

07:25 - S9a Battle Region All SR/CHR/CSR/HR/UR Cards

16:50 - Professor Juniper Premium Tournament Collection

23:09 - Charizard VSTAR Store Oversize Promo Card Revealed

28:25 - Rumour: Lost Abyss Set for July 2022, VSTAR & VMAX High Class Deck Deoxys / Zeraora & VSTAR Special Set in August

38:30 - May 2022 Set Sword & Shield - Astral Radiance Partially Revealed

46:44  - S10D Time Gazer / S10P Space Juggler Officially Revealed

52:47 - Pokemon Card Game April 2022 Merchandise Revealed

1:10:00 - Outro

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