PokeGuardian Podcast #38 - Triplet Beat, Pokemon TCG Classic, Shiny Treasure Trademark

Published on 4 March 2023 at 21:00
PokeGuardian Podcast #28 - VSTAR Universe, Dark Fantasma, Top 300 of PTCG Illustration Contest 2022

Welcome to the PokeGuardian Podcast. This is the 38th episode.

The hosts of the show will be Taj from PokéTaj, Zakariya (PrimalLugia), the webmaster of PokeGuardian.


In this episode, our discussion revolves around Triplet Beat, which is scheduled for release on March 10th. The set features some striking Art Rare and Special Art Rare cards, and there are some intriguing trademarks filed by Nintendo, Creatured, and Game Freak, which are expected to be associated with the TCG, with Shiny Treasure emerging as a potentially new High Class Pack set.


If you're a fan of Pikachu, you'll be excited to hear about the Scarlet & Violet Starter Set featuring Pikachu ex & Pawmot, which was revealed last week, along with a PLUSH Pikachu deck box, making it a must-have for collectors.


Finally, we conclude our podcast by discussing the highly anticipated and somewhat controversial Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic. With its exorbitant pricing, some speculate that it's a mere cash grab from Pokemon, while others believe there might be more to it.

00:00 - Intro

00:24 - Card Pickups

04:11 - Triplet Beat

10:21 - Trademarked names

15:36 - ex Battle Decks - Ampharos ex / Lucario ex

19:44 - Scarlet & Violet Starter Set ex Pikachu ex & Pawmot

25:37 - Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic

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