Hidden Fates: What we know so far

Published on 28 September 2019 at 11:25

Hidden Fates will come out in August, and it's based on the long-awaited GX Ultra Shiny set that was released in November 2018 in Japan. This set had 250 cards, that consisted of reprints, new cards and 100 secret rare cards, including gold cards and shiny cards..

GX Ultra Shiny had some new cards exclusive to that set, and some have been released in our sets already. What can we expect for Hidden Fates?


Before you read: Please mind that this is speculation, this may not be fully true when Hidden Fates has been released. 

SV set list

Shiny & Gold cards

Hidden Fates will have 94 SV cards ("Shiny Versions"), IGN confirmed there will be 80 shiny cards, and 35 GX cards will be shiny. And 4 Stadium cards will get a Gold Secret Rare treatment. 

  • 3 shiny cards are left out of Hidden Fates
    • Shiny Metagross GX (Confirmed to be in the Hidden Fates Poké Ball Collection)
    • Shiny Zoroark GX (Confirmed to be in the Hidden Fates Poké Ball Collection)
    • Shiny Rayquaza GX  (Confirmed to be in the Hidden Fates Premium Powers Collection)
  • 2 gold cards are left out
    • Gold Solgaleo GX (Confirmed to be in the Hidden Fates Premium Powers Collection)
    • Gold Lunala (Confirmed to be in the Hidden Fates Premium Powers Collection)
    • Ultra Necrozma GX  (Already released in Dragon Majesty before GX Ultra Shiny)


The Shiny Set list for now

(Thank you very much @JessAlakasam for providing the list!)

  1. Scyther
  2. Rowlet
  3. Dartrix
  4. Wimpod
  5. Pheromosa
  6. Charmander
  7. Charmeleon
  8. Alolan Vulpix
  9. Wooper
  10. Quagsire
  11. Froakie
  12. Frogadier
  13. Voltorb
  14. Xurkitree
  15. Seviper
  16. Shuppet
  17. Inkay
  18. Malamar
  19. Poipole
  20. Sudowoodo
  21. Riolu
  22. Lucario
  23. Rockruff
  24. Buzzwole
  25. Zorua
  26. Guzzlord
  27. Magnemite
  28. Magneton
  29. Magnezone
  30. Beldum
  31. Metang
  32. Celesteela
  33. Kartana
  34. Ralts
  35. Kirlia
  36. Diancie
  37. Altaria
  38. Gible
  39. Gabite
  40. Garchomp
  41. Eevee
  42. Swablu
  43. Noibat
  44. Oranguru
  45. Type: Null
  46. Leafeon GX
  47. Decidueye GX
  48. Golisopod GX
  49. Charizard GX
  50. Ho-Oh GX
  51. Reshiram GX
  52. Turtonator GX
  53. Alolan Ninetales GX
  54. Articuno GX
  55. Glaceon GX
  56. Greninja GX
  57. Electrode GX
  58. Xurkitree GX
  59. Mewtwo GX
  60. Espeon GX
  61. Banette GX
  62. Nihilego GX
  63. Naganadel GX
  64. Lucario GX
  65. Zygarde GX
  66. Lycanroc GX
  67. Lycanroc GX
  68. Buzzwole GX
  69. Umbreon GX
  70. Darkrai GX
  71. Guzzlord GX
  72. Scizor GX
  73. Kartana GX
  74. Stakataka GX
  75. Gardevoir GX
  76. Sylveon GX
  77. Altaria GX
  78. Noivern GX
  79. Silvally GX
  80. Drampa GX
  81. Aether Foundation Employee
  82. Cynthia
  83. Fisherman
  84. Guzma
  85. Hiker
  86. Lady
  87. Brooklet Hill (Secret)
  88. Mt. Coronet (Secret)
  89. Shrine of Punishment (Secret)
  90. Aether Paradise Conservation Area (Secret)
  91. Tapu Bulu GX (Gold)
  92. Tapu Fini GX (Gold)
  93. Tapu Koko GX (Gold)
  94. Tapu Lele GX (Gold)

Full art Supporters

GX Ultra Shiny had 10 full art Supporter cards, 5 cards are not yet released here;

  • Aether Foundation Employee
  • Guzma 
  • Cynthia (Confirmed to be in Hidden Fates)
  • Fisherman 
  • Hiker 

It would make sense for them to be in the SV subset since they are most likely going to be alternate art cards. 

Main set list

The main set list has 68 cards. 39 cards of that will be from the Family Pokemon Card Game set. With Mewtwo GX being confirmed.Other confirmed or unreleased cards so far besides the Family Pokemon Card Game.

Giovanni's Exile full art was not included in SM10 Unbroken Bonds. Since Jessie & James has been confirmed for Hidden Fates, there is a high chance the full art version of Jessie & James might come. This could also give Giovanni's Exile a chance to be included in Hidden Fates. 

Brock / Misty Trainer Battle Decks;

  • Starmie GX
  • Onix GX
  • Geodude
  • Graveler
  • Golem
  • Brock's Pewter City Gym
  • Misty's Cerulean City Gym
  • Pokémon Center Lady
  • Brock's Training
  • Misty's Water Manipulation


Confirmed to be in Hidden Fates;

  • Moltres, Zapdos & Articuno GX
  • Jessie & James
  • Arbok

  • Weezing

Potentially in Hidden Fates;

  • Jessie & James full art
  • Giovanni's Exile full art
  • Dwebble (features Moltres)
  • Crustle (evolution of Dwebble)
  • Hoothoot (features Zapdos)
  • Noctowl (evolution of Hoothoot)
  • Ekans (features Articuno, pre-evolution of confirmed Arbok)
  • Koffing  (pre-evolution of confirmed Weezing)


That makes 61 cards so far out of 68. Maybe they could cut cards from Unified Minds, such as the Umbreon/Darkrai & Espeon/Deoxys GX Starter decks which also will be included in Unified Minds. 


That's it for now. Please mind this is speculation, this may not be fully true when Hidden Fates has been released. What do you think of this potential set list? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

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