Calyrex VMAX League Battle Deck Coming

Published on 18 March 2022 at 14:10
Calyrex VMAX League Battle Deck Coming

Ready to play Calyrex VMAX decks!

Remember the Single Strike / Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX League Battle Decks? Now we are getting a new version. It's now the turn of Calyrex VMAX we found in a distributor listing. 


Very minimal and generic product information is available, however it mentions to have a release date of June 17, 2022. We are thinking that MSRP for each deck should be similar to the previous Urshifu VMAX version, might be $29.99 USD MSRP. 


These League Battle Deck products include competitive cards to play with. You can pick out 1 of 2 Ready-to-play 60-card decks, including 3 promo cards. We assume it's either each of the Calyrex VMAX versions (there aren't any other..).


When product images and information have been revealed, we will update this article.

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Jared Miclea
2 years ago