Mallow & Lana Extra Battle Day Promo Card and Pikachu & Zekrom Extra Battle Day Rubber Playmat Revealed

Published on 7 January 2022 at 00:00

Mallow & Lana returns! But as a Sun & Moon alternate artwork promo in Japanese 'Expanded format'

You can obtain this Mallow & Lana promo as a participation award at the Japanese Extra Battle Day tournaments that will be held starting from February 5, 2022 at Pokémon Card Gym stores in Japan.


This Mallow & Lana promo is a Sun & Moon (alternate artwork) card reprint originally released in SM12 Alter Genesis / SM12 Cosmic Eclipse and will be an Expanded card.


A special playmat containing artwork used that was originally used for the Sun & Moon—Team Up Elite Trainer Box released in 2019, is also given away if you win the tournament or win a rock-paper-scissors challenge.


Only Expanded decks are allowed. In order to enter, you need to Purchase of more than 900 yen (tax included) of Pokémon Card Game related products (excluding used products) at participating Pokémon Card Gym stores in Japan.


The previous Extra Battle Day promo's were:

Cynthia 155/S-P released in 2021, Hau 394/SM-P, Acerola 395/SM-P, Guzma 396/SM-P and Lillie 397/SM-P released in 2019. Lillie 397/SM-P is currently worth over $7000 USD now in Japan.

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