Lunala From Celebrations Revealed

Published on 30 August 2021 at 09:10

You can have a chance to get a 25th anniversary stamped promo

Lunala from Celebrations has been officially revealed. This card, which was revealed in the Japanese S8a 25th Anniversary Collection set last week, features Lillie as a cameo.


This was announced in the Pokemon Masters EX in-game news announcements. It's the first time this Lunala from Celebrations has been revealed in English.


Speaking of Pokemon Masters EX, this card is a soft tie-in with this app. Last week, a collaboration between Pokemon TCG and Pokemon Masters EX revealed a Two-Year Anniversary Celebration Lillie & Lunala Playmat Campaign Prize that you can win in a lottery. Only 250 playmats will be given away.

Thank you Pokémail for informing us!

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