Pokemon Card Game Rubber Playmat Set Gloria & Victor Information Revealed, Gloria & Victor TCG Merchandise

Published on 22 August 2021 at 18:10

The main characters of Sword & Shield will appear as TCG merchandise!

A special Pokemon Card Game box set of Gloria & Victor will release on December 3, 2021.


This is called the Pokemon Card Game Rubber Playmat Set Gloria & Victor. It includes a box with Deck Sleeves (64), a Deck Box, a Playmat and the box itself is a Card Storage Box. It wil be sold at Pokémon Center stores and Pokémon Card Gym Stores. It will cost 5170 yen.


This is a product recommended for new players, since it has everything you need to play, protect and store your cards with. This product is a successor to the Pokemon Card Game Rubber Playmat Set Bea that was released in October 2020 and the Pokemon Card Game Rubber Playmat Set Sonia that released last month on July 30, 2021.


Official product images will be revealed later this year. The Rubber Playmat Set Gloria & Victor does not contain any cards.


The Rubber Playmat Set Bea / Sonia was a very popular product and sold out fast, and we think this version with Gloria & Victor will be just as popular. We will update this article when official product images have been revealed.

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