Eevee Heroes Lottery Details Annoucement + Apology About Product Shortage & Restock Coming

Published on 12 May 2021 at 08:24

The Pokemon Company has apologized.

The Pokemon Company (Japan) is sorry about this situation and have apologized for any inconveniences caused to customers could did not manage purchase products. Pokemon Card Game is generally in high demand, beyond their expectations and alot of products have been out of stock.

Since their announcement last year, they have been working to improve their production system, but they are very sorry that they have not been able to fully meet the needs of their customers.

TPC has announced they will give top priority on delivering the desired products to their customers, continue to improve their production system and promote the reprints and shipments of sold out products (also of previously released products).


There will be a steady supply of stock and the following products below will be subject to re-print/re-supply over time (that timeframe isn't indicated).


Products that will be sold under lottery at Pokemon Center Online (Japan):



Lottery entry dates are on May 14, 2021 10:00 JST to May 18, 2021 23:59 JST.

Lottery results will be mailed out on May 26, 2021. Update 19-5-2021: The Eevee Heroes lottery results has been changed from May 26 and later to May 27 and later.

Products will be shipped between mid-June to mid-July 2021.


Customers that were able to pre-order these products last week on Friday May 7 (10:00 AM JST), are not eligible for this lottery. Also lottery entries that violate the lottery application rules, will be cancelled and excluded from this lottery.


The products below are currently available for pre-order at Pokemon Center Online (Japan) and will ship in mid-August - onwards. The pre-orders will end as soon as the available pre-order numbers has been reached.

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Gregory Morales
3 years ago

Me and the kids love Pokémon.

Fernando Hernandez
3 years ago

Thank you and Im praying this for my son because he loves them!

Peter Roper
3 years ago

My friends and I love opening cards!!

Mitchell Gagnon
3 years ago

I want that age far Vmax :p

3 years ago

You should start to state that japanese stock it's not worldwide stock. Stop to hype expectations and talk about products In Japan's as it's easy to access for anyone around the world. People is using the japanese market as a supplier selling 5 times the price. Scalping in some way is also your fault .

Douglas Munoz
3 years ago

It would be so awesome to surprise my son with this set he loves Eevee! The thing that really makes me happy though is how much me and my son bond over Pokémon!

kelly monge
3 years ago

thankyou for the opportunity!!! my daughter is only one and a half n loves pokemon !! doing this for her

3 years ago

all the resellers in the comments saying they will buy this for their "son" LOL

3 years ago

LMAO right

Matthew hurst
3 years ago

I recently just got back into Pokémon after 10 years my nephew is the reason I got back in so I just started collecting when I can due not having a job currently I am doing a few interviews so I hope I can start a little collection set .Gl to everyone hope someone wins

norman charron jr
3 years ago

yeah......getting these for their kids.more like scalpers buying to resell at 10 times the price-

Diego Pastore
3 years ago

Is there possible to get in the lottery without a jap address?

3 years ago

Not possible. They have a message that says “ For items shipping to the United States, visit
Items on can be shipped only within Japan.” Sorry dude.

3 years ago

balls on my face