Pikachu & Raichu Revealed From S6a Eevee Heroes

Published on 9 May 2021 at 12:15

Pikachu & Raichu have been revealed from S6a Eevee Heroes. This set will release on May 28, 2021.


Cards have been translated by ToineLay, thank you!



L - Big Sparks
This attack does 50 damage to each Pokémon-V and Pokémon-GX in play (both yours and your opponent's).

LLC - Thunderbolt 180
Discard all Energy cards from this Pokémon.



L - Energize
Attach a [L] Energy card from your discard pile to this Pokémon.


LCC - Electro Ball 30

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2 years ago

It's like they want this to be the most re-sold set in existence

2 years ago

Hey that Raichu card has the Sewaddle on it!
(I mean the one with a raichu hidden on it earlier this week)

Nunya business
2 years ago

It has the original rotom too!