Pokérun Channel's Pikachu & Friends Jumbo Promo Revealed, Given at Pokemon Center Stores

Published on 30 April 2021 at 05:11

A free promo if you buy packs!

Toki-chan from the official ポケるんTV (Pokerun TV) YouTube Channel has illustrated a Jumbo card named 'Pokérun Channel's Pikachu & Friends' and is now an official jumbo card.


This promo card is given out at Pokemon Center Stores in Japan. It is an unnumbered promo. It includes the Pokerun TV logo as a stamp on the card.


This promotion will start on May 8, 2021 and ends until August 7, 2021.


You can obtain this jumbo card for free by purchasing 3 packs or more of: expansion pack, enhanced expansion pack, high class pack, or movie special pack. This promotion is not available online at the Pokemon Center Online store. The distribution of this promo will start as soon as businesses are open again for the stores that are currently closed.


Card has been translated by ToineLay! Thank you.

Pokérun Channel's Pikachu & Friends


C - Pokérun Friend
Choose one Pokémon card you own from outside your deck and put it onto your bench.

LLL - Thunderbolt 100
Discard all Energy from this Pokémon.

ToineLay: Pokérun (pronounced Poké-loon) appears to be one of Pokémon's brand Youtube channels. The host Tokichan drew the artwork for this card. Guess they're a multi-talented individual!

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