Arctovish V, Blitzle & Zebstrika Revealed From S6K Jet-Black Poltergeist

Published on 15 April 2021 at 12:15

Arctovish V, Blitzle & Zebstrika have been revealed from S6K Jet-Black Poltergeist. 

This set will release on April 23, 2021.


Cards have been translated by ToineLay, thank you!

Arctovish V


[W][C][C] - Primordial Freeze 80
If the Defending Pokémon is a Pokémon-V or Pokémon-GX, it can’t attack during your opponent’s next turn.

[W][W][C][C] - Giga Impact 220
This Pokémon can't attack during your next turn.


(Rapid Strike)

[C] - Link Bolt 30+
If any of your other Rapid Strike Pokémon used an attack during your previous turn, this attack does 90 more damage.

[L][C][C] - Spark Rush 90x
Flip a coin until you get tails. This attack does 90 damage for each heads


(Rapid Strike)


[L] - Thunder Arrow


This attack does 10 damage to 1 of your opponent’s Pokémon. (Don’t apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokémon.)

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