PokeGuardian Podcast #11 - Silver Lance & Jet-Black Poltergeist, Man Breaks in Card Store With Rope

Published on 9 April 2021 at 21:00
PokeGuardian Podcast #10 - Matchless Fighters Revealed, PSA Price Increase, Potential Marnie Promos

Welcome to the PokeGuardian Podcast. This is the 11th episode. The hosts of the show will be Taj from PokéTaj, Zakariya (PrimalLugia), the webmaster of PokeGuardian.


We have a long 1.5 hour podcast filled with new set info and other exciting news in this episode.

Matchless Fighters released earlier last month and we will cover the nice cards that were revealed. Also we get a teaser of the Japanese Summer July Set S7D / S7R Skyscraping Perfect / Blue Sky Stream. Rayquaza VMAX will debut. Also V-UNION first info has been teased, this will be a completely new mechanic. Also the award-winning Battle Academy might get a second version because a new version of the Family Pokemon Card Game Set is coming.


PSA closed down their grading services due to the very high demand. Flapple gets GameStop/EB Games Store promo, finally a new promo with an exclusive stamp. Pokémon Center USA also released 25th anniversary TCG products which look very nice. 


A Japanese man broke into a Japanese Card store with a rope and stole thousands of dollars worth of pokemon cards. Sonia is getting a Rubber Playmat set that could be very popular.


And lastly we will discuss the upcoming Japanese set S6H Silver Lance / S6K Jet-Black Poltergeist and English set Chilling Reign.

0:00 - Intro

0:35 - Card Pickups/Highlights

7:21 - S5a Matchless Fighters SR/HR/UR Cards Revealed

16:35 - Japanese July Set S7D / S7R Skyscraping Perfect / Blue Sky Stream First Info Revealed

24:35 - V-UNION

28:45 - New version of Family Pokemon Card Game Set Coming

35:20 - PSA temporarily suspends services

43:50 - Flapple GameStop/EB Games store promo

46:20 - Pokémon Center USA Pokémon 25th Anniversary TCG merchandise

48:50 - Man breaks into card store with a rope, stole Pokemon cards

55:55 - Pokemon Card Game Rubber Playmat Set Sonia

1:00:10 - S6H Silver Lance / S6K Jet-Black Poltergeist officially revealed

1:11:34 - Special Art Celebi V / Sandaconda V promos

1:22:44 - Silver Lance & Jet-Black Poltergeist Pokemon Center Pokemon store Set with Melony

1:25:55 - Chilling Reign

1:31:22 - Outro

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