S6a Eevee Heroes - Eeveelutions Set Revealed

Published on 19 February 2021 at 12:23

A special product called Eevee Heroes - Eeveelutions Set Revealed will release on May 28, 2021. It will cost 11330 yen.

This box is similar to the Legendary Heartbeat (Marnie) Pokemon Card Gym Set, the Shiny Star V Nessa Set and the S5a Matchless Fighters Klara & Avery Set. The artwork just like the Nessa Set, seems finalized. It seems like it will feature Eevee and it's Eeveelutions. 


What's unique to this version, it contains a special VMAX promo pack. It's very likely that this is the same pack as the VMAX Special set Eevee Heroes. This product releases on the same day as the subset S6a Eevee Heroes. More information about Eevee Heroes will come later in 2021.

It will include:

  • 2x S6a Eevee Heroes Booster Box (60 packs)
  • 1x Deck Sleeves (64 sleeves)
  • 1x Deck Box
  • 1x VMAX Promo pack
  • 1x Card Storage Box

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Kevin Wevers
3 years ago

Hmm, I fear this will be Kanazawa all over again :/

James Slawnikowski III
3 years ago

Where would you pre-order these from? My cousin is stationed in Okinawa so I was going to ask him to get one for my wife.

3 years ago

Is it available in Pokemoncenter only? And if so, are there any chances to grab at least one of this beautys in Europe for a "normal" price?

3 years ago