Galarian Articuno V, Galarian Zapdos V, and Galarian Moltres V Revealed From S5a Matchless Fighters

Published on 19 February 2021 at 08:24

The (Galarian) Legendary Birds arrive! 

Galarian Articuno V, Galarian Zapdos V, and Galarian Moltres V have been revealed in region specific ads in Japan. These cards will be included in S5a Matchless Fighters.


The way these cards have been revealed is quite unique. The ads are only shown to people in specific prefectures. According to tunu1223, Moltres was revealed in Okinawa prefecture, Zapdos in Tottori prefecture and Articuno in Yamagata prefecture.


Cards have been translated by ToineLay.

Please note that the text is somewhat hard to read soo there is a small chance there could be small errors in the translations.


Update 5-3-2021: Added official images.

Galarian Moltres V


Ability: Hellfire Wings
Once per turn, you may attach a Darkness Energy from your discard pile to this Pokémon. You can’t use more than one Hellfire Wings Ability per turn.


[D][D][C] Aura Burn 190
This Pokémon does 30 damage to itself.

Galarian Articuno V


Ability: Reconstruction
Once during your turn, you may discard 2 cards from your hand. If you do, draw 1 card.


[P][C][C] Psychic Beam 110
Your opponent’s Active Pokémon is now Confused.

Galarian Zapdos V


Ability: Fighting Instinct
This Pokémon’s attacks cost [C] less for each of your opponent’s Pokémon-V in play.

[F][C][C][C] Thunderous Kick 170

Before dealing damage, discard a Special Energy from your opponent’s Active Pokémon.

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Gabriel Martinez
2 years ago

Zapdos about to punish T1

2 years ago

I feel like Galarian Zapdos V could become a tech in a bunch of decks. Could you include 1 copy of zapdos and replace 2ish basic energy with aurora energy in non-fighting decks? That might not hurt deck consistency too much while making eternatus matchups much better

2 years ago

Galarian Zapdos: Eternatus vmax's worst nightmare