High Class Deck Gengar VMAX / Inteleon VMAX Revealed

Published on 8 February 2021 at 09:51

Inteleon VMAX and Gengar VMAX will make their debut in May.

2 versions of these so called High Class Decks are coming. One regular version in which you can buy 1 of 2 VMAX decks, and a special High Class Deck Double box Gengar VMAX & Inteleon VMAX that contain both decks including extra's like a Tyranitar V and Empoleon V promo. 


The name High Class Deck and High Class Pack were trademarked earlier last month. High chance High Class Deck was meant for this product.

Inteleon VMAX was missing during the Ichigeki / Rengeki Start Dash Campaign for S5I Single Strike Master / S5R Rapid Strike Master, in which they are giving out Rillaboom VMAX (Rapid Strike) and Cinderace VMAX (Single Strike) in the future.


These products will release on the same day as S6a Eevee Heroes on May 28, 2021. The regular version will cost 2700 yen and the Double box version will cost 6600 yen.

The sell sheet has been translated by our Japanese friend, thank you!

Product info

High Class Deck Gengar VMAX / Inteleon VMAX 

You can get the strength of "Ichigeki" or "Rengeki" without customizing!

This deck has a strong level of being playable at shop tournaments without attaching any cards.

  • 2 copies of VMAX gengar or inteleon are in each deck.
  • You can get playable "Ichigeki","Rengeki" cards.
  • New supporter card is included. It'll be playable in various decks.
  • Guide of how to use decks is included. Beginners will get strength soon.


High class deck is different than regular constructed decks

  • All 60 cards are foil.
  • 3 Pokemon V and 2 VMAX cards are in each deck.
  • Playable cards will be available with new illustrations.


  • 60 card deck
  • 1 coin
  • 1 Damage counters and Marker sheet
  • 1 Player's Guide.

High Class Deck Double box Gengar VMAX & Inteleon VMAX

You can enjoy battle with strong decks soon!

  • This set includes not only High Class deck "Gengar VMAX" & "Inteleon VMAX", also includes Damage counter case and marker, and Tyranitar V and Empoleon V promo.
  • You can enjoy high level battle with your family or friends soon by only this set.
  • Additional items and promos are attached from separately sold decks, so this set must be attractive for players who are planning to purchase both decks.


  • 2 promo cards (Tyranitar V and Empoleon V)
  • 2 sets of 60 card decks.
  • 1 coin
  • 1 of Player's Guide (from the separately sold Gengar VMAX & Inteleon VMAX decks)
  • Acrylic damage counters
  • Damage counter case
  • 1 each of poison and burn markers.

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