'STAFF' Prerelease Promos Have Been Temporarily Paused

Published on 17 December 2020 at 17:49

Last week we were told by different European sources that STAFF Prerelease Promos would be discontinued. Before we would publish an article about it, we were waiting to see what other regions would say. The Pokémon Company International has now informed stores in the USA region that 'STAFF' Prerelease promo distribution will only be temporarily paused.

The reason being told is the current situation regarding the suspension of Organized Play / Play! Pokémon Events. TPCi has also mentioned to be developing new promotional materials for the Play! Pokémon Retail Program.


When these new promotional materials will come, we don't know. We will bring an update in the future when more information has been revealed.


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'STAFF' Prerelease promo's were first introduced in 2007 starting from Diamond & Pearl Base set.

Charizard STAFF Prerelease promos were being sold for high prices in the past years and recently sealed STAFF packs that includes a STAFF Prerelease Charizard from Sword & Shield - Vivid Voltage are selling for roughly $1000-2000 on eBay.

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