Dozens of PSA Graded Pokémon Cards Worth Thousands of Dollars, Have Been Stolen During a House Robbery in Kampen, Netherlands

Published on 17 December 2020 at 14:14

A man that lives in a city called Kampen, Overijssel in the Netherlands was robbed in his own house yesterday afternoon during an appointment about the sale of Pokémon cards. Two potential buyers suddenly locked the man in a closet and ran off with his cards.

The incident took place yesterday on December 16, 2020 around 15:00 CET. The victim had made an appointment with someone to sell off his Pokémon cards. The two "buyers" stood at the door and were let in by the unsuspecting owner of the cards. A conversation started inside and the victim showed his cards.

Multiple PSA graded cards including many PSA 9/10 Base Set Unlimited cards, Skyridge cards and Charizard cards have been missing now. This value of this collection is worth many thousands of dollars on the market. A PSA 10 copy of Base Set Unlimited Blastoise Holo, that is also present in this collection, has sold for $4250 on PWCC Auctions this month. Also the victim told a Base Set Booster box has been stolen too in the Facebook post.


You can see the stolen cards here in this Facebook post of the victim.

The police is currently in an trace investigation around the area. As of now the cards are still missing, as well as the perpetrators. The police has published a police description of the two persons on their website. According to the description, both perpetrators are around the age of 30. For full details of the description, please visit this page of the Netherlands Police. The area around the house was cordoned off with ribbons.


Considering PSA graded cards are very easy to crack out of it's PSA case, the victim may never see his cards again and could likely been sold off (or is about to be) in ungraded condition, or be re-graded again at PSA.

If you have recognized these PSA cards for sale (which have a identifiable unique serial number) or have any other clues that lead to the perpetrators, you can contact the victims Stephan Willems or Jeannette Wessels on Facebook or call them on their mobile phone. All details are in the aforementioned Facebook post.

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People stealing Pokémon cards? Wow... What could be next?