Major Discovery: Doug Ferguson GX Spotted, Similar to the Ishihara GX Card

Published on 4 June 2020 at 19:45

What is this? Is this a real card or not? Remember Ishihara GX? Well yes, here is another one! 

Doug Ferguson was a Sr. Vice President, Product Development at TPCi. He left TPCi last year in 2019, and shared this unofficially released promo card of himself at his own company website.

This GX card with it's 2019 copyright year, was probably designed after the infamous Ishihara GX card. A PSA 10 version of Ishihara GX sold for $50,000 in April 2020.

Mike Cressy illustrated this card, he also was commissioned before to design Ishihara GX. It could likely have been his goodbye gift from TPCi.


Could this card be rarer than Ishihara GX? We don't know. We also don't know if any other copies (if they exist) have been shared around TPCi staff. What is strange, is that both cards have the TPCi01 number. 


What do you think of this card? We are both stunned and excited to share this discovery here on PokeGuardian. What more cards like these are out in the wild? Time will tell!

Update 28-6-2020:

Elite Fourum member Desi has talked privately to Doug Ferguson and it appears this Doug Ferguson GX card is a Jumbo/Oversized card and Doug Ferguson has 5 copies himself. It's currently unknown if there are any more printed. It has been confirmed this is a going-away gift from TPCi after 16 years of work at the company. Thank you very much Desi for this information!


Also Ishihara GX is so far the only regular sized gift card confirmed by Doug.

Lastly, we have spotted that the website the card originated image from, has been removed. No reason why it was removed.

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4 years ago

When was this printed? There's a very real possibility this was the last Dragon-type Pokemon card ever. lol