S2a Explosive Walker Card Artwork First Impressions by AutobotTesla

Published on 18 April 2020 at 13:10

Today we want to put this video in the spotlight because it is not often done in this community. Artist and Pokémon TCG fan AutobotTesla gives his first impressions about the illustrations of the latest set Explosive Walker.

Rather than just giving his opinion if he likes a card or not, he explains from an artistic point of view for every illustration in the set, which techniques and styles the Pokémon Card Game artists have applied to these illustrations. AutobotTesla also tries to explain what is currently is going on in the illustration. 

It is very informative to see, so that you can get an impression yourself that you would not think about when you looked at these illustrations. By learning more from the styles and techniques the artists have, you could appreciate the illustrations more. 

The artwork on cards is appreciated by alot of collectors and we think this is a very nice idea from him. This is what the Pokémon TCG community needs more. 


He has said he is going to be a Pokémon TCG Artwork Reviewer so we will undoubtedly see more videos like this with future expansion sets! 


You can find AutobotTesla on his Twitter.

If you did not know, Autobot Tesla also designed the artwork for PokeGuardian!

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