Legend's Heartbeats Pokemon Card Gym Set Information Revealed, Marnie Merchandise Included

Published on 22 March 2020 at 14:50

A special limited product called Legend's Heartbeats Pokemon Card Gym Set will release on July 10, 2020. It will cost 11500 yen ($104) and one Japanese card shop even mentioned/leaked it will include merchandise of Marnie.

We think Marnie could get a reprint card of the Marnie Supporter card from Sword & Shield Base set, similar to Lillie during Sun & Moon. It seems to be similar to the Pokémon Center Limited Boxes they release with main expansion sets. 

Time will tell when official product images and public information will surface of this product.


Update: Marnie is confirmed to be featured on the merchandise of this product. Dummy image added.

It will include:

  • 2x Legend's Heartbeats Booster Box 
  • 1x Deck Sleeves Marnie (64 sleeves)
  • 1x Deck Box Marnie
  • 1x Pokémon Flip Coin Marnie

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